About us


Future of Growing into Light

We plan to be a leader in creating outlets for the world to grow into a higher level of living. From healing to eco tours explaining the planet and its many functions.

Through the creation of collaborative communities around the world in which cooperative ownership of resources cohabit healthily with private property ownership, our emerging leaders will work together to create a sustainable future which heals the planet and assures harmonious living in the face of adversity.

Future leaders will have the responsibility and task of revisioning and transforming societies in a unified way from health and education to communication and government structures that create a healthy equilibrium between the greater good of the community and the needs and rights of each of its individual participants/citizens. Economies will be restructured to function so that the individual’s success will be deeply intertwined with the success of the whole community. A system of incentives will create and support sustainable industries that benefit by benefiting the people who contribute to its success. Societiesand civilization as a whole will be recreated by our future leadership in a holistic, ethical, responsible and integrated way.

Our teaching will merge the ancient wisdom, teachings and knowledge passed on from generation to generation with progressive and advanced visions of the future in a safe, creative and holistic learning environment. Connecting and respecting the earth, the community, developing unconditional friendships and nurturing the sacred and mystical will be the most important values. By teaching students to go inward, by processing, releasing negativity and unhealthy attachments to the past, becoming aware and
enlightened, we will teach our future leaders to heal their own wounds in order to heal the world, to pray, play, love, create and celebrate.